Monday, May 15, 2006

New TV

So we finally got our new TV, which I had ordered as a result of birthdays passing, and its great.

The problem with it is that its too good. TiVo with composite out is no good, and my amp doesn't do RGB, or composite to component conversion.

I had already ordered a component lead for the XBOX, and it works great. I had read on the TiVo community forum that it was possible to modify settings in one of the output FPGAs to change the output from RGB + composite to component. It requires a setting to be applied on startup, and more interestingly a lead to be created.

I found a good article on it, got the iron out and managed to make up the lead as described. I plugged it in, and voila - it worked first time.

I did however spend an evening trying to get the colours correct, but thats another story.

My amp does switch component, 2x component in to 1 output, so I set about changing the settings to make it work like before. I have to say, that amp is the most difficult thing I have ever had to set up, input -> output mapping is really annoying. The thing that gets me most is the lack of buttons - they use the same buttons for a variety of things, meaning you have to be careful with the order you press the buttons. Why don't they just put ethernet, and a simple web server? Even a serial connection.....

Anyway, got it all sorted in the end, and its a great job - both sources are set up audio and video through the amp. I am content.

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