Friday, April 28, 2006

What a bargain [or so I'm reliably informed ;) ]

For my weekly half day Friday we decided to pop over to Richard Patterson Motors in Kilrea for a browse. We had been planning to change our 2000 Passat sometime this year, and I had called with Richard about a month ago to investigate.

I had really intended to come up 2 years to a 2002 Passat but today we decided on a 2003 Estate, which was a little over our budget, but brought us up a year beyond where we had been aiming.

It seems nice to drive, as usual from RPM it was perfectly presented, and seems very clean inside and out. Hopefully it'll do us for some time, without too many headaches!

If you're looking for a car check out the website for details of the current stock.

1 comment:

That Hideous Man said...

Oh NO! You've got alloy wheels on your Passat; you realise that this is only going to generate jealousy and a load of wasted money on the part of a certain sibling don't you?!?!? Please cover them with plastic hub caps for the duration of our next visit...