Monday, February 13, 2006

Busy weekend ;)

Amongst the million other things that take up a weekend, I managed to fit in 3 films.

The Constant Gardener [2005]
I really enjoyed this film - a "political thriller" which I'm led to believe is purely fictional, but based somewhat on factual unethical behavior by the big drug companies [Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Discovery Labs placebo trial : Read more].
This film was fantastically filmed showing great pictures of life in the African villages - it was a great insight into that impoverished lifestyle. A really great story, well worth catching, and for once in a modern film, a satisfactory ending. A disturbing film. [imdb]

Dark City [1998]
A Matrix-esque film, recommended by one of the simulation argument websites, I think I was expecting too much. It's similar in makeup to "The Thirteenth Floor" but without the depth, I didn't think it was the same calibre of film at all. Well produced and thought provoking. [imdb]

The Island [2005]
Started to watch this on Saturday night after I finished Dark City, intending to just catch a flavour of the film, and ended up hooked, and watching the whole thing. Another good cloning film, hopefully it provokes thoughts in those who think human cloning is a good idea. Of course it had the big companies are inherently evil element to it, which of course makes it an instant winner with me. The Island awaits you. [imdb]

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