Saturday, October 22, 2005

Family fun

We spent the day today doing fun stuff as a family.

First we went to the park at the Cresent in Portstewart, and the kids had a great time there. Then we had booked 10 pin bowling at waterworld in Portrush, so we had fun there, Dad won the first game and Matthew won the second.

It was a beautiful day, so we walked to the center of town, and had KFC for lunch. Then we walked to the park in Portrush, and spent a while there. After that we walked up around the cliffs, and stopped offf for an icecream on the way back to the car.

Back to Portstewart for another play in the favorite park, and then off to Castlerock for a walk along the beach to the pier.

A fantastic day was had by all, hope to do it all again soon :)

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