Friday, June 18, 2004

Simon's Gallery :: Mournes Walk

Yesterday Mel, Andy Sean and I took to the Mournes for a hill walk. It was my first time up there, the other three had gone together once before, what a great day out!

We did a walk called the Donard Loop, which is more of a walk than a climb, about 8 miles in total. The weather was mostly very good, and the scenery was beautiful. We set out at about 9:15am and finished shortly after 3pm, with numerous stops in between!

We stopped at a scenic old quarry for lunch, but the most notable stop was at the river on the way down, where we all enjoyed a refreshing paddle in the slow pools, and dipping our feet into the fast flowing waterfalls.

See some more pics in my gallery at: Simon's Gallery :: Mournes Walk

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